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Come along for a training and introductory flight and enjoy this fabulous experience on the New South Wales Central Coast. The flight will be taken with a qualified flying instructor in a two person microlight. The controls and procedures will be explained to you. During the flight, if you wish, you may take control, subject to weather and conditions being suitable. Also if you have a preferred area you wish to fly to, we will try to accommodate this, subject to height and operating limits. Once you have your pilots certificate you are then allowed to fly on your own, up to 25 nautical miles from your launch airfield. The next stage is qualifying for your passenger endorsement, and then cross country endorsement. For the passenger endorsement you need a minimum of 10 hours as pilot-in-command, and undertake a flight test. For the cross country endorsement you will have to accumulate 10 hours instuction of cross country navigation.
The specific requirements can be found in the RAA operations manual, or from their website,  We can offer advanced flight training by mutual arrangement.

After your Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) you may wish to go on to obtain your weightshift microlight licence. To do this you will have to join the Recreation Aviation Australia (RAA) within 28 days of your first TIF, and be issued with a student pilot certificate. Len Birger, as an approved RAA instructor, can then supervise you in increasing your skills to qualify for the issue of a restricted pilot certificate.
The minimum time this can be achieved in is 15 hours dual control with an instructor and a further 5 hours solo. At the same time we will guide you through the theory part that is also required. The time frame may be a little longer, as we want you to feel confident and capable under a variety of conditions, not just take your money for a bit of paper and send you on your way. Training costs for obtaining a pilot certificate is $250 per hour. This includes us providing the trike, helmet and a warm insulated flight suit. Wear closed shoes and the medical requirements are the same as those required to drive a light motor vehicle.

We offer gift vouchers for training and introductory flights that are ideal as a most unusual birthday, special occasion, or corporate incentive gift for the adventurous minded. Maximum weight of participant is 110 kgs.